Wednesday, June 22, 2011

 …….. Don’t look for reasons TO love people.

Why? Because inevitably you’ll come up with a reason or reasons to not love them -- or their behavior.

LOVE. Just love.
Not for any reason whatsoever.
Don’t Love ‘because’.
Simply Love!

We are men and women of God.
We are the offspring, the offshoots of Divine Spirit.
We are the Love bearers, the Light bearers of the this planet – of the Universe.

Therefore, each and every one of us does have Love to give away.
The love which is available to us is unlimited.
The love which flows through us is inexhaustible–which means it cannot and will not ever be ‘all used up’.
In every instant, in every circumstance, in every moment we have an abundance of love to give away.

Let’s give more of it away. Let’s pass around more of it.
In thought, word and deed – let’s pass around more of it!

I dare you!

© 2011 Rose VanSickle ~ All rights reserved